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Your 2022 New Years Resolution Ideas for the Bedroom - Organization Style

Have you been dying to clean out some clutter in your bedroom? Here are some great tips that will get you on track for 2022. Remember that this is your space, your time, and your bandwidth. Let us go into 2022 knowing that we are important and loved and that if we take care of ourselves we can take of our world around us.

Let's get started!


If you're feeling like that bathroom could use a swift makeover, you're probably right! Pick one day (just one!) to go through the items in your bathroom. Do not overwhelm yourself trying to get everything accomplished within one sitting. However, if you're the overachiever of the group, feel free! Just remember to not overwhelm yourself - we want this process to be smooth and painless.

Start by going through the items that you haven't used in awhile; the face masks that have been sitting there for 9 months can probably be tossed as well as the 1/4 full shampoo products. It's okay, my friend! Let go of that stress and recycle that bottle. If you can't budge on getting rid of it, try minimizing it down to a smaller, clear bottle so you can keep track.

Organizers are a pal's best friend. Measure your space to fit in those smaller items which will leave you more room and easier to locate items.


You heard right... I'm talking to you, pen collector! What hides in plain sight in your nightstand? Maybe some papers or mail ended up there and need to be filed elsewhere. Maybe some hair products could be relocated back to their home AKA the bathroom. Old wrappers? Let's toss those pesky things away. Don't forget your most important area - the top! Nothing other than absolute essentials should be placed on top such as your lamp or charging station. Remember: Clutter-free areas makes for a less stressful morning and evening.


There might be several shoe boxes stored under your bed, or boxes of hats and seasonal items. Take the time to go through these things. Extra linens can be stored in the linens closet if you have one or if you need a place for extra storage to be placed, make sure it will definitely be used within the year - otherwise, a donation center would love to take your items! There is a common theme here; less stress is better on our bodies and on our minds!


This area can seem so simple in hind sight, but is often overlooked. If you typically just toss your stuff in a drawer, this one's for you! Amazon and other suppliers sell dividers than can be placed in your drawers to separate items such as socks and other undergarments. Drawers inserts can help to organize cami's and sleepwear. If you haven't dedicated time for your drawers, 2022 is the time to do it!


If pushing to do this makeover as a DIY, I strongly encourage clients to take this process step-by-step. It can be very overwhelming and emotional do such a tasks. Something important to keep in mind is being honest with yourself and with your items. Often times we have emotional attachments to objects and it can cloud our judgement on how to proceed. With such a big project, please identify the obstacles that you know you will need to overcome. Give yourself a reasonable timeline as to which items can be removed, such as if you haven't used it in the last 6, 9, or 12+ months. This is a great start.

Clean those shelves, buy organizers (and bins for those sentimental items) and match those hangers; you'll be off to a great start in no time.

I hope these 5 resolutions have given you some insight as to how you can overcome and manage a happy bedroom and a happy home! Always note to walk yourself through the process, be realistic with your goals and have the knowledge that this is a way to improve your life, not make it harder.

Have a wonderful, optomistic, and fabulous 2022!

-Tori Heuber

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