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What We Offer

(Fabulous Services, HELLO)

Folded Clothes
Colorful Pens

Redoing your space can be such an emotional, life-altering experience. It takes many hours of planning and executing. We take this opportunity to help you through this exciting new experience while making you feel comfortable and keeping with your aesthetic. 

Our Services

We service the Dallas, Collin, and Hunt County areas.

Not from around these parts? Don't worry! Schedule a consultation with our team to get travel pricing in your area. Travel services applicable to the U.S. only.

Fun Facts:

No hidden fees. All costs are given to the client upfront unless unforeseeable costs are associated in which those fees would be discussed with the client. 

Note: Quotes are customizable to the space, product, location, and time that it takes to complete the project.

Consultation costs are included in your individual quote. 



This entails a full makeover. Our clients will receive a thorough 1 hour consultation along with the session. Schedule a consult below to receive an estimate for your space(s) for time and product. Product supplies are a direct reimbursement and based on client’s budget and preferences.



The extended meet-from-screen meeting, this virtual meeting will be all the perks of the minor collab plus help with defining your personal aesthetic for your space, help with sorting, a product list, and implementing a new plan for success, with room for adjustments if need be. Our team will require 30 minutes of allotted time to produce product list.



Not ready to have someone in your home? Try this on for size. This is a virtual session where we will provide organizing tips and tricks, purging recommendations, and help you on where to place the items in your space. This can be 1 hour or two 30-minute sessions.



This is an online DIY service where we provide a detailed list of how to get your preferred space organized on your own time without the hassle or fuss for consultations or in-home visits, as well as providing you with a product list that meets your budget, if applicable. This is great for those on a budget, time constraint or who live outside of the DFW area.  

Sprucy did my pantry and completely changed it around for the good. As a mom, this helped out tremendously! Tori was so nice and very accommodating. 10/10 recommend. 

Tia from Mesquite, TX

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